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What Are the Best Designer Bed Linen Sets?

The main advantages to owning such bed linen is that you will not only find the quality of materials is much better so providing a more comfortable place for you to lay each night. Plus with high quality materials used to make designer bed linen you will find that though these sets cost more they are very durable and will last for many years to come.

As you start to plan to buy some bed linen for your home whether it be locally or online there are certain things that one must remember. Below we offer a number of tips that you may find helpful and which will ensure that you really do get value for money when it comes to you purchasing designer bed linen.

Tip 1 – Measure Your Bed

Although you may not how long and wide the mattress on your bed is do you know how deep it is? This is vital to know so that the bed linen you purchase will provide ample coverage over all sides of the bed so making sure that those that are in it will have plenty of sheets to keep them warm at night. Along with measuring the measure look close at the name of your bed as well as this can vary some are known as California Kings whilst others as known as Eastern Kings and you will be surprised at how different each size is.

Whether you are purchasing from a store or online remember to have your bed measurements with you and look at what size they are exactly. It is best to go for designer bed linen that is slightly larger than your bed as normally after the first wash you can expect some shrinkage to the sheets. In some cases this can be as much as 7%.

Tip 2 – Understand What Thread Count Is

When it comes to thread count we are talking about the number of threads used in every square inch of the designer bed linens weave. Certainly if you want designer bed linen that feels extremely luxurious ensuring that you sleep better and for longer then go for those with a high thread count. Ideally look for those that have a thread count of between 175 and 250 threads per square inch of weave.

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